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Senlis / Pont Ste Maxence

[ Cycle routes The Avenue Verte London <> Paris ] [ The Oise, a Land of Great Builders ]
  • 16.5 km
  • intermediaire Level Intermediate

On this wonderful stage you cross Halatte Forest, using the centuries-old Pontpoint Way linking the majestic Abbaye du Moncel to the fine little historic city of Senlis. You share the route with a section of the Véloroute Européenne des Pèlerins (EV 3 – a European cycle route known as The Pilgrims' Route) which heads off to Compiègne, then onwards to Liège, Copenhagen, Trondheim, and, one of these days, Moscow...

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Note the steep hill at Pontpoint. The route through Halatte Forest is part private. Be careful, emerging from the forest, on the section of D 923a road taking you into Senlis, as this is a tricky provisional route into the town; in due course, a footbridge will be built here as part of the Trans'Oise cycle route.





Senlis 0033 3 44 53 06 40

Pont-Ste-Maxence 0033 3 44 72 35 90


Railway lines (SNCF)

TER Paris-Nord > Creil > Compiègne > St-Quentin and link with Beauvais through Creil by TER Paris-Nord > Creil > Beauvais :  Pont-Ste-Maxence railway station

No train station in Senlis (bus to Chantilly)



Senlis, tuesday and friday morning

Pont-Ste-Maxence, tuesday and friday morning



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Senlis, a Royal City                                                                                              

Senlis has preserved thick ancient ramparts encircling the historic city within. Hugues Capet was elected king of France here in 987, giving birth to the great Capetian dynasty. French royals often stayed at Senlis right up to the 18th century. Thanks to its rich past, Senlis boasts a remarkable heritage, including its own Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Saint-Maurice Priory. Film directors love the town's old cobbled streets and squares lined with beautiful homes and grand monuments; you may spot these in the background of many a French historic film. Senlis is a treasure of the OIse département (or county) you should really discover by bike.




Abbeys on the Banks of the Oise

The Royal Abbey du Moncel, founded in 1309, and  Royaumont Abbey, the largest Cistercian abbey in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, are gems to discover by the Oise.

Both abbeys are open to visitors. Royaumont, in the autumn, hosts a diverse musical season that attracts music lovers from far and wide.





Oise, a Land of Great Builders                                                                                

A cradle of Gothic art, the département, or county, of Oise is full of exceptional buildings you can reach by bike. The cathedrals of Beauvais, Noyon and Senlis; the abbeys of Le Moncel and Notre-Dame-d'Ourscamp; the abbey-churches of Saint-Leu-d'Esserent and Saint-Germer-de-Fly; the châteaux at Chantilly and Pierrefonds; these and other remarkable monuments were built in wonderful settings along the valleys of the département. Going from the stone-cutters and highly-trained craft builders of the cathedrals and abbeys of yesteryear to the masons, architects and craftspeople working today, the Oise deserves its description as 'a land of great builders'. 



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