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The Oise, a Land of Great Builders

[ Cycle routes The Avenue Verte London <> Paris ]
  • 91.1 km

As an alternative to heading down to the Ile-de-France region via the Vexin and the Epte Valley, a fascinating, alternative Avenue Verte route takes you along the Trans'Oise way, crossing the OIse département (or county), which stretches across southern Picardy, on the border with the Ile-de-France. The Oise département was a cradle of Gothic architecture and boasts an exceptional heritage. You'll see this immediately at the start of this section, with the massive abbey at Saint-Germer-de-Fly. Further stars along this route include the Château de Chantilly, the abbeys of Le Moncel and Royaumont, the royal town of Senlis and the cathedral of Beauvais. On top of that, the cycle route through the Oise proves a delight.

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The 5 stages of the section « The Oise, a Land of Great Builders »

  • Asnières sur Oise / Senlis

    Asnières sur Oise / Senlis [23 km]

    This enchanting stage leads you from the city of Senlis to the Abbey of Royaumont, passing via the Château de Chantilly. In the first part, you cross beautiful forests interspersed with rivers and large glades and concealing remarkable historic sites. You then arrive at the Oise River.

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  • Senlis / Pont Ste Maxence

    Senlis / Pont Ste Maxence [16.5 km]

    On this wonderful stage you cross Halatte Forest, using the centuries-old Pontpoint Way linking the majestic Abbaye du Moncel to the fine little historic city of Senlis. You share the route with a section of the Véloroute Européenne des Pèlerins (EV 3 – a European cycle route known as The Pilgrims' Route) which heads off to Compiègne, then onwards to Liège, Copenhagen, Trondheim, and, one of these days, Moscow...

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  • Pont Ste Maxence / Clermont

    Pont Ste Maxence / Clermont [23.1 km]

    After leaving Clermont, you'll cross the extensive humid zone of the Marais de Sacy. The habitat is quite distinctive in this marshland located between the steep hills of the Clermontois, the Picardy Plateau and the Oise Valley. Its ecosystem is fragile and hence protected. You end this stage by crossing the Oise River for Pont-Ste-Maxence.

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  • Clermont / Bresles

    Clermont / Bresles [15.3 km]

    Having left Beauvais and its cathedral well behind, you pass further remarkable churches at the start of this section. You then cross pretty countryside that formed part of the fertile estates of the Beauvais bishops, who were also counts of Beauvais in times past. The area is full of interesting history. Reaching the Clermontois area around the town of Clermont, the hilly countryside recalls a bit the Pays de Bray back on the Normandy border.

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  • Bresles / Beauvais

    Bresles / Beauvais [12.9 km]

    Beauvais city centre is still dominated by its Gothic cathedral, but further historic monuments are scattered around town. Leave the city via the Faubourg Saint-André. Crossing the Beauvaisis area's countryside, you can't miss the startling church of Saint-Ouen-de-Therdonne dominating the landscape. You find yourself on the old royal way leading to the foot of the Mont César hill dominating the Thérain Valley.

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