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A collaborative project

The Avenue Verte London <> Paris is a project managed by the association for the promotion and development of the Avenue Verte London <> Paris, of which the relevant French département (county) and local authorities located between Paris and the cross-Channel port of Dieppe are members.

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The relevant British local authorities are also closely associated with the project, as is the special cycling organisation, Sustrans.


Who does what ?

  • The Association Avenue Verte London <> Paris ensures the operational and financial coordination of the project in France. The running of the association is managed by the Conseil général de la Seine-Maritime.
  • The Association Avenue Verte London <> Paris ensures:
    • the coordination of the route's infrastructure, notably via standardized signposting;
    • promotional and marketing activities;
    • the organising of special events.
  • The départements (or French counties) through which the Avenue Verte passes and that are members of the association oversee the setting-up of the route in their area alongisde the  parishes and communities involved. 
  • The various départements' tourist boards, the Comités Départementaux du Tourisme, support and enhance the tourist potential of the route for the communities concerned. They put to the fore the national brand, Accueil Vélo, around the route, in association with the organisation France Vélo Tourisme, which promotes cycling networks around France.
  • The region of Ile-de-France around Paris offers operational and financial support in the relevant parts of its territories.
  • The cycling organisation France Vélo Tourisme deals with the promotion of the route at national level, in particular via its website,
  • The various user associations can make proposals and promote the project at local level.
  • In Britain, the specialist cycling organisation, Sustrans, coordinates the planning and setting up of the route with the local authorities concerned and communicates information about the route on its website,     

Financial partners


Seine-Maritime département / county - France
oise département / county - France
yvelines département county in France
L'Eure département / county - France île de France Département / county - France Mairie de Paris

Associate partners

The Tourism organisations partners


Technical partners

France Vélo Tourisme



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